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When Do I Get Back My Bail Bond?

Posted on December 28, 2009 in State Crimes in Northern Kentucky

In Northern Kentucky, bail is initially set by the District Judge generally a few hours after the arrest of a criminal defendant. The bail is generally based on the seriousness of the charges and the court also considers the criminal history and ties to the community in determining the amount of bail. Bail is used to assure that a defendant will return for all court hearings. If the Defendant fails to appear for court, the bond may be forfeited.

If the bond is a straight cash bond, it will be returned to the surety – the person who posted the bond – at the conclusion of the case. Most courts also make sure that if there is a conviction all fines are paid prior to return of the bond.

In some cases the Court will accept a percentage bond, instead of a full cash bond. For example, if the bond is set at $5,000 at 10%, you will only post $500. If a percentage bond is posted, the Clerk will keep 10% of the amount posted before returning the balance.

In Northern Kentucky, many attorneys will accept a bond assignment as a portion of their fee. Assigning your bond gives your right to the refund to the attorney to whom it is assigned. If you assign the bond, the attorney will receive that money after the case is concluded.

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12 thoughts on “When Do I Get Back My Bail Bond?

  • Russell Callaham says:

    How is the cash bond returned? Will it be mailed to me, or do I instead have to visit the courthouse to retrieve it?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Russell Callaham says:

    Just to confirm, if anyone else lands on this site, I did receive my refund check in the mail apprx. 2 weeks after the defendant showed in court. Just an FYI.

  • mbouldin says:

    Sorry I didn’t answer sooner. Most counties do require you to come and personally retrieve the bond. Glad you got yours.

  • Jennifer Yates says:

    Is there a time limit you have to retrieve your bond money after a conviction?

  • mbouldin says:

    No. You can retrieve your bond at any time after paperwork is processed by clerk (usually the next day). They may not release the bond if there are outstanding fines/costs. I’ve received bond assignments 5 years after the case was completed.

  • mbouldin says:

    You can go to the final sentencing and request it back. It is generally released to the surety (if you posted it in your own name you will get it back) after sentencing. If you posted it in his name, it will be returned to him. Also, in Kentucky many attorneys take a bond assignment to assure payment. If that is the case, the attorney will first get his money.

  • Terri Reese says:

    My brother was placed on 3 year deversion. It is over next month. He was charged but, not convicted. When his deversion is over, how would I go about getting the money back from Campbell county? I thought I paid it in Newport though. I’m don’t remember if I posted in my name or his.

  • mbouldin says:

    If it is in his name, it will go to him. If in your name, go to the clerk with your receipt the day after the case is concluded. The clerk will give you a check unless other problems.

  • Leia says:

    Federal bonds are regulated by the Federal Government while bail bonds are regulated by the State in which the bond is executed.
    If you do not post bond, it can take weeks, and you are in jail the entire time.

  • Michael Bouldin says:

    Bail bonds are not generally returned until the case is complete. They are to assure the appearance by the defendant at each stage in the proceeding. Kentucky does not recognize bail bondsmen as opposed to Ohio and many other states. The bond is returned to the surety after the case is over and all conditions have been met. Generally, the bond will not be returned in full unless all fines, fees and restitution has also been paid.

  • lincoln county missouri bail bonds says:

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  • Michael Bouldin says:

    Thank you for your interest.

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