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What Is A KASPER Report?

Posted on March 24, 2010 in General Criminal Law Issues - Northern KY

A criminal defendant in Northern Kentucky may find out the hard way about a KASPER report.  Obviously a take on Casper, the friendly ghost, a KASPER (Kentucky All-Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting) report is a complete list of prescriptions drugs which have been prescribed to an individual.  The KASPER is not generally known and is hidden from public information (ghost-like).  Kentucky law mandates that all prescriptions filled in the Commownealth of Kentucky are reported to KASPER.  A complete list of all medications are kept on every individual.

Generally there are very few who can access a KASPER report.  A treating physician is generally the first to access, especially if you are treating with a pain management specialist.  They routinely check the KASPER report to assure that patients are not receiving narcotic medication from more than one provider.  If found, the doctor may discontinue providing the prescriptions or may turn the information over to the legal authorities.

The following are legally permitted to access a KASPER report:  prescriber for medical treatment of existing or prospective patients, a pharmacist for pharmaceutical treatment, a law enforcement officer with an active investigation, a licensure board for a licensee, Medicaid for a Medicaid recipient, a grand jury by subpoena, and a judge, probation or parole officer administering a drug diversion or probation program.

KASPER reports can assist in providing information for an investigation that may lead to felony criminal charges.  A report may also provide evidence to show proof of obtaining prescriptions by fraud or illegally obtaining prescription drugs. Most prescription drug users are not aware that big brother is watching.  If you purchase prescription drugs in Kentucky, the state maintains a complete list.

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