What is Difference Between Misdemeanor and Felony Fleeing

Fleeing charges vary by state and in Kentucky are defined by KRS 520.095, fleeing or evading the police 1st degree and 508.100, fleeing or evading the police 2nd degree.  The first degree fleeing is a Felony charge in Kentucky, punishable by 1-5 years in prison.  The second degree fleeing is a Misdemeanor charge, punishable by up to 12 months in jail.

If you have been charged, you are facing incarceration whether for misdemeanor or felony fleeing.  Judge’s do not look kindly upon charges where the police are ignored.  Fleeing cases often involve danger to the police or the community, especially innocent civilians.  As such, the penalties handed down are often disproportionate to other crimes of the same degree.

If you have a fleeing charge pending, you should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.  There are many times when early involvement can resolve the case with a lesser charge and avoid a felony criminal record.

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