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Cincinnati Airport

If you are arrested at the Greater Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG), you are in Boone County, Kentucky. You will generally be taken to the Boone County Detention Center in Burlington, Kentucky and lodged in jail. New laws also allow for a simple citation for misdemeanor offenses where the Defendant is not a danger to the public. If arrested, a judge will review your charges and criminal history, and a bond will be set. If the defendant posts the bond, he may be released with a date to return for court. If not, the defendant will appear in Court on the next business day for the initial arraignment. Upon a plea of Not Guilty, the Defendant will be given a date to return for pre-trial or preliminary hearing.

Criminal defendants arrested at the airport present a number of unique practical and legal challenges for the attorney. First, many of them are traveling through Cincinnati to another destination. They may have been visiting friends or relatives in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati and are headed home. They may also be headed out of town and unable to attend the mandatory court date on a citation or arrest.

The arrest may be a misdemeanor violation for public intoxication, disorderly conduct or possession of marijuana. . . in which case a local attorney may be able to provide assistance without the client having to return to Northern Kentucky to appear in court. As an attorney with a large internet presence, I frequently represent clients whom I never meet in person. In most cases, the presence and appearance of an attorney will allow the defendant to not personally appear in the Courtroom.

If the case is a more serious felony or federal charge, the defendant will almost always be required to appear. The attorney may be able to discuss the case over the phone and limit the number of actual appearances necessary in the area. Additionally, the attorney should be able to fully discuss the case, defense options and plea negotiations through the use of telephone and internet.

The Cincinnati Airport police have concurrent jurisdiction with county, state and federal. They may involve the assistance of Boone County Sheriff Department or FBI, CIA, INS or Secret Service out of Northern Kentucky. If you have questions or seek legal representation from an arrest or citation at CVG, contact Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 for more information.

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