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Campbell County

What Happens after An Arrest in Campbell County?

A defendant should immediately exercise their right to remain silent as soon as they are arrested or detained.

If you are arrested in Newport, Ft. Thomas, Alexandria, Southgate, Highland Heights or anywhere else in Campbell County you are typically taken to the Campbell County Detention Center in Newport, Kentucky. The judge will talk to pretrial and set a bond. A defendant should talk to pretrial services which will verify your name, age, address and work information.

This information, together with criminal history and the charges will be considered by the Judge in setting the bond. While the legal advice is generally to exercise your right to remain silent, giving the Court your personal information is in your best interest to having the lowest bond. Pretrial will not ask you information about your case.

If you are bailed out (post the bond), the jail will give you a notice of when to next appear in court. If you are not able to post bond, you will appear in court via video arraignment on the next business day at the District Court located at 600 Columbia Street, Courtroom 1A, Newport, Kentucky where you will appear before Judge Gregory Popovich or Judge Karen Thomas.

This initial appearance is called the Arraignment and is an opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty. If you are charged with a felony, the court will enter an “not guilty” plea at this time and set the case for a preliminary hearing.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you may either plead “guilty” and the court will immediately impose sentence or you may plead “not guilty” and the matter will be set for a pretrial conference or a trial.

If you do not engage an attorney prior to the Arraignment, it is wise to plead “not guilty” and seek the advice of counsel. An attorney can explain your rights and your options. A defendant can always choose to plead guilty at a later time.

An attorney can determine the likelihood of begin found not guilty, the potential defenses to the matter and negotiate the best deal possible. A defendant should make every effort to obtain counsel as early as possible in the process.

If you, or a family member, have been arrested in Newport, Alexandria, Cold Springs, Highland Heights, Bellevue, Silver Grove or elsewhere in Campbell County, Kentucky, call Newport Criminal Lawyer Mike Bouldin immediately for assistance at 859-581-6453.

4 thoughts on “Campbell County”

  • avery allen says:

    wats 20% on 8 or 10yrs is it still 8months a yrs or 12months calender year.

  • Michael Bouldin says:

    The 8 month calendar is only with respect to time served with good time credit for serve out. If you must serve 20% of time for parole eligibility on 10 years, that is 24 months, not 16.

  • Charles says:

    I was recently arrested for a $749 shoplifting charge. I had every intention on purchasing items and was a huge misunderstanding. I started to walk out the door and realized I forgot to pay. I tried to pay for items and they refused to let me and called the cops. I didn’t even make it out of the store now I’m looking at a class d felony and spent a night in jail. I had to tell my employer what was going on and now Im labeled as a thief and could loose my job. I have no criminal record and wouldn’t dream of stealing. What should I do? I have court on February 2

  • Michael Bouldin says:

    I apologize for delay in responding. You should hire an attorney. There are probably many options which may include diversion, probation or taking the case to trial. Believe it or not, there are time when innocent people get charged with crimes. A good criminal defense attorney can help. Call my office for consultation if you have not already retained an attorney.

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