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Clark County Drug Bust

Posted on December 15, 2016 in Federal Crimes in Northern KY

If you or someone you love was make sure to hire the best criminal defense attorney you can afford to defend their rights. In Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, call Michael Bouldin.  Mike, together with his partner, Kristopher Nevels, have been defending in Ohio and Kentucky, including Federal Courts with well over 25 years of combined experience.

Local 12 has broken the story of the bust which included meth, cocaine, pot, pills and large cash seizure.  (see link).  Often a local attorney is helpful to navigate the system and at times an out of town attorney can come in and shake up the status quo without fear of offending local prosecutors and judges.

If you need an attorney, call the Bouldin Law Firm at 859-581-6453 or email us at mike@bouldinlawfirm.com.  Call 859-581-MIKE today.